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Mookaite belongs to jasper family and is only found in Australia, where it appears in all rainbow colours. It is strongly earthing stone and helps excellently for improving self-esteem. Mookaite helps to remember dreams, to meditate and move on in our lives. It cuts out fears and depression, helps to be more social and to communicate better with people and animals. Excellent companion for those who feel lonely, it helps to find ones’ empowerment and joy. IT brings balance to life, aligning and earthing our energies, at the same time protecting against negativity of others. Mookaite helps us to make decisions easier and let go of unnecessary. Also used to treat eating disorders and digesting problems.

Flat stone suits the best for healingwork, because it covers the chakra and the contact surface are is the largest. Also it will not fall off the body and is large enough to draw forth energetic and physical changes. Flat stones are also the best to carry in your pocket.